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Where do you stand on the values continuum?

Picture a continuum (see below), at one end of which are life-enhancing empathetic values, such as integrity, peace, respect, compassion and justice.  At the other end, are limiting, ego-driven values that promote prestige, status, image, fame, power, wealth, exploitation, shaming and rude behaviour.  You will have noticed that people on this end of the continuum often appear frustrated, stressed, anxious and angry. You may be able to think of people who are examples of these dispositions. 


Our thinking and behaviour are influenced by the political/social environment in which we live, and the people who reflect our values.  This helps to answer the conundrum about why people vote for populist politicians.  Could it be because they reflect their constituents' values or visa-versa?  To attain power, such politicians develop their fear driven ideology 'outing' those who don't ascribe to their views.  


How can we influence a paradigm shift towards the life-enhancing end of the continuum?  The IVET Foundation’s focus on Values-based Education is one powerful solution.  Also, affiliates of IVET work on other solutions, particularly by being role models for enhancing values, which you can see at


Together we are proposing practical ways to help communities flourish. Solutions, free from fear and the toxic control of those who are not at peace with themselves, who create distrust and a tendency towards violence.   

 Neil Hawkes



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