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Ethical Intelligence...VbE's BIG idea...


Aureus Secondary School's Inner Curriculum Suite, Oxfordshire

I have found that schools that are explicitly values-based, such as Aureus Secondary School in Didcot, Oxfordshire (photo above), develop what I have termed ethical intelligence (EI). Ethical intelligence is the ability to ethically self-regulate your behaviour; to be Self-led.  


This potentially transformative dimension, is a person’s capacity to make wise choices, when meeting the daily multidimensional challenges, which are now experienced in our complex world.


This overarching personal competence cannot be measured, as can technical competencies (e.g. numeracy and literacy), but is demonstrated by people's ability to be authentic, able to problem solve in complex situations in the real world. People with EI tend to live their lives by behaving from an ethical code of conduct based on human values such as respect, integrity, compassion and trust.


Values-based schools develop this vital 21st century competence, which is so necessary for effective learning; forming positive relationships; personal well being and resilience.

VbE schools are nurturing ethical intelligence so that future leaders, at all levels of society, will be seen to have this core competence and model ethical leadership.

A great book for you...


I would recommend the following book if you want to develop the ethical intelligence of yourself , children and others. I'm pleased that it has become a best seller.  To order your own copy click on the image of the book below.

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