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There are many ways to support you as you introduce Values-based Education and Ethical Leadership. You can book me as a keynote speaker. In the photo below, I was talking this February at a conference in Abu Dhabi, which was looking at the possible links between Values-based Education and Islamic Values.  


Other kinds of support

  • Whole staff Training in Values-based Education (VbE)  

  • Training in Ethical Leadership for companies, education trusts and schools, universities and colleges.

  • Staff Training in The Inner Curriculum - how to really develop wellbeing and resilience.

  • Staff training on PAUSE - the Inner Curriculum's transformational process for pupils and adults.

  • Staff training course of 5 online sessions on The Internal Family Systems (IFS)  

  • An audit of your institution's culture and how to ensure it releases employee potential.

  • Values-based parenting - key to a happy family.

  • How to nurture Values-based Living: designed for people in other walks of life other than education.

  • Need personal confidential advice? Neil currently supports Headteachers/Principals as a supervisor, mentor and coach.

  • Learn how to create a values-based business or organisation

  • Bespoke training or coaching to meet your needs.

Inspired to contact me? Email:

My wife Jane often joins me on Training Days, as she is an expert on the internal world of thoughts, feelings and emotions and how we can live in harmony with ourselves and others. Together we wrote the transformational book, The Inner Curriculum.  

The IVET Foundation's latest book (2022)  Edited by Bridget Knight, with Mark Chater, Neil Hawkes and Mick Waters, is featured below. For your copy click on the image of the book: 


Jane with me at VbE's Annual Conference


You can buy these books from the publishers.


Leading staff Training on The Inner Curriculum at Ledbury School, Herefordshire, UK

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