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School where children have experiences that help form their character and give them REAL Education.

Over recent months I have been contacted by so many disillusioned teachers in state education, who see the current system of education actually abusing children! One said how she visited a primary school during an afternoon and all classes, with desks in rows; pupils carrying out mundane exercises to satisfy the requirements of the 'system' in the so called basics.

In comparison, I was so thrilled to spend two days at Madley Primary School in Herefordshire. Here the children have a hands on, creative curriculum. Yes, it covers all the basic requirements in literacy and numeracy but much, much MORE!

At Madley, each class spends a day a fortnight at Forest School, in a REAL forest. They learn about values, attitudes and skills that will help them to develop as articulate, compassionate leaders of themselves. In the teepee young children learn the basis of personal control that enables them to be effective learners.

Madley School has been a Values-based school for a number of years and has gained the Enhanced Quality Mark.

Why can't schools that think a narrow curriculum is what children need, have the courage to give their pupils REAL education?

If your school would like my support then please contact me. Details below..

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