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Morning Gymnastics!

I have recently spent a few days at the wonderful sports complex, Club La Santa, which was established by a Danish organisation forty years ago on Lanzarote.  It caters for serious athletes and others of various ages and abilities who, like me, enjoy keeping fit.

 Each morning at 8am a tradition is honoured of meeting for what is described as Morning Gymnastics. The session is led by a member of the Green Team (the instructors) whose clear aerobic movements we are invited to copy.  The daily format is unaltered, and glancing round it can be sensed that there are those who have experienced this ritual over many years.


Each session begins with the voice of Louis Armstrong singing, It’s a Wonderful World.  The haunting lyrics creating what I can only describe as a spiritual atmosphere, as we are all invited into our inner worlds of thoughts and feelings, we take our bodies through a gentle warm up that gives us a sense of readiness for the day.  By the time we move to the inspirational Chariots of Fire, I am in such a positive mental state, which I can also sense in others.


I must admit that tears came to my eyes on the last day of Morning Gymnastics, as I felt happy to be in a group that fosters connection, but sad that this sense of community spirit, based on enjoying being a human being, is not able to be felt by so many people in our world.  I think especially of those in war areas and people who are challenged by poverty and other kinds of distress, which stops them experiencing their authentic natures. I also felt a sense of guilt that I am free, healthy and able to visit such a setting – I don’t take it for granted.


My life’s mission is now focussed on shining a spotlight on remarkable change-makers, who through their enhancing personal values, such as I witnessed at Club La Santa, are the role models, quietly transforming the world towards a new era of ethical behaviour.  These inspiring people represent an amazing awakening of the human spirit, which will fill the void that is currently filled by those who represent the limiting aspects of human nature.  A new ethical leadership is emerging that is replacing the dominant power grabbing, ego-centric, manipulative type, which sadly we currently see at many levels of society.


You can read about the transformational life-enhancing Affiliates and perhaps become one yourself by visiting the charity, IVET Foundation –   

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