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Be, Model, Connect and Serve – tools for ethical living

I was attending a reception for the baptism of my great, great niece and nephew! A momentous event, which could be the subject of a lengthy blog!

There were several fellow guests who I didn’t know. One lady, a villager named Anne, chatted and showed an interest in knowing more about my life’s passion to encourage ethical living.

She asked if I could sum up my message of living with positive values (principles to guide thinking and behaviour) in a few words?

This was a great challenge. I paused for a few moments and then replied:

Be, Model, Connect.

She seemed intrigued and invited me to give an explanation. This is what I shared with her:

Be Once we have adopted a set of values that we are determined to live in our lives, the challenge then is for us to live them authentically - even when it is difficult! So, to be the values we hold dear, in our daily interactions, is the first stage. Challenging but so worthwhile!

Model The second stage, model, naturally follows from the first. We become a role model for the values we live authentically. If we have adopted the value of friendship, then we do our best to model it. These qualities in us are noticed by others, which creates an atmosphere that encourages others to want this ‘energy’ too,

Connect Again this stage naturally flows from the others. We then can connect with others because our energy is open and engaging. Relationships become more enriching, especially the relationship with ourselves.

Since talking with Anne, I have reflected on the tools and added a fourth dynamic word, which is serve. To serve, means that we live our lives altruistically, looking to support others on their journeys through life. It is the natural outcome of the previous stages.

So, I commend to you to engage with these tools for ethical living:

BMCL: Be, Model, Connect and Serve.

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