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"I have a global passion for helping people of all ages see the healing power of values in transforming lives and enabling our planet to flourish."

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The evidence for my claims are not in the words I say or write on this website, but in the amazing experience of thousands of adults and children worldwide.  


What is happening is often called a quiet revolution - a movement of people from all backgrounds who believe and model values such as justice, equity, compassion, dignity, trust and integrity

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The key is that transformation begins with children.

For seven years, whilst the Headteacher of an urban community school in Oxfordshire, UK, I researched for my doctorate at Oxford University, the impact of underpinning the school community with enhancing human values such as respect, honesty, justice and trust. Staff modelled the values and the community supported them. See the research here:



I then had evidence that VbE worked!

I was inspired to write a best selling book that explained

the practical ways of creating a values-based school culture.

I drew on the successful experience of schools worldwide.

It was written from my heart to hearts such as yours.

Click on the image to have your own copy. I am sure that

you will both enjoy it and gain a practical understanding

about implementing Values-based Education. You will transform




This was profound.  It significantly improved the quality of education, giving both pupils and staff a powerful ethical compass to navigate their lives. It helped the children to develop the quality of Self-Leadership, which is the main outcome of being in a community that fosters ethical intelligence.  This is the transformational life-changing ability to ethically self-regulate your thinking and behaviour. 

As a consequence of this success, I wanted others to discover the secrets that I had uncovered so I founded a charity called the International Values-based Education Trust, known as the IVET Foundation. 


Its educational dimension is Values-based Education (VbE), a movement for educational, corporate and social transformation, which is positively affecting millions of children worldwide.

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